4 Top Solar Energy Gadgets That Every Home Should Be Using


In the field of solar energy, many companies are making people aware of commencing the initiative. Also, some companies are encouraging people to install solar power related plants and equipment through new technologies and innovation. Solar energy is changed into electricity power by solar Pv panels. For this, the solar panel is placed on the roof on the roof where the direct sun comes. Significantly, in our country, the sun emits about 250-300 days in a year, due to which there is so much potential for solar power.

Solar water heating system: This is the oldest in solar energy products launched in India. The system of 100-300 litres in the house is much better. Nowadays, solar heating systems are also coming in, which have electrical elements. In such a situation, they can also use grid energy if solar energy is not available. Heating water from the solar water heating system can be used in things such as bathing, washing, cooking, and cleaning the utensils. The water heating system of up to 100 litres can replace the electric geyser and save about 1500 units of electricity annually. It can stop the emission of carbon dioxide of 1.5 tons every year.

Solar inverter: Solar inverter is very useful for areas where there is a lot of problem with electricity. Bills coming out of electricity inverter through solar inverter can also be avoided. Generally, about one-kilowatt inverter is used in homes, which can be used for about six litres, four fans, one computer and one TV for 8 hours. Nowadays, solar inverter grids are also supported, which can also be charged from grid energy when no solar energy is found. By the way, they go on long after charging solar energy.

Garden & Street Light: If you have a garden outside your home, you can use the solar lights running the Garden Light. This light burns for 5-6 hours at night after being charged all day. In addition, there are many types of solar lights charged by solar energy in the market, which burns in the evening after being charged throughout the day and keeps burning until morning. Garden lights last for two years and street lights last for 10 to 15 years. Garden lights last for two years and street lights last for 10 to 15 years. These lights are charged with sunlight throughout the day and then burned during the night using this energy.

Home Light System: The Home Light System has two bulbs, a fan, mobile charger and a solar panel. With this, a system comes in, which stores energy from the solar panel. After charging throughout the day, a bulb and a fan go up to 5-6 hours. The home lighting system has less use in the cities, but it is very demanding in the villages.