Elon Musk Announced, Soon Auto-Pilot Cars will Catch on the Roads


New Delhi: In another brave statement, Tesla Chief Executive Officer elon Musk said that the company’s full self-driving feature car will be ready by the end of this year. The Wired told Musk that by the end of 2020, the electric car producer’s driverless feature car will be so effective that people can nap while driving, while the car will reach them to the desired destination.

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He also said in an interview that in 2019 they will finish this feature update in cars. The car will discover you in Perkin Clot, afterwards you drive be capable to pick you up to your journeys and it will not need any human involvement.

It will positively be, there is no such thing in it.” This look over target timeline of Musk has very good news from Tesla buyers, who have been waiting for the driver’s feature for years. Tesla said that the hardware of all the cars made after October 2016 will get this feature. Although owners of cars between Oct. 2016 to Oct. 2018 will have to pay an extra 3,000 Dollar for the ‘full self-driving’ feature. Tesla has assured that this feature will be provided through software updates.

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