Australia Converted the 70 Year Old Diesel Train into Solar Power Train


Australia: The world’s first solar energy train has started in Baron Bay. The name of this traveller train is Sunlight Express. It runs within 3 kilometres of the city of Baron Bay. From 1949 onwards, the train ran from a diesel engine. Baron Bay Railroad Company transformed it into a solar power engine in two years.

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The purpose was that the Baron Bay area was pollution-free. The locals were demanding that the train is run smoothly. There are two cans on the train. It can run at a speed of 140 km. But in terms of excursions, it is not run at a speed of more than 40 km.

This Sunlight Express train passes through coastal areas. It has a rental of 160 rupees on both sides. There are food and beer available for free.

40 solar panels are mounted on the sunlight express terrace. They can create 36.5-kilowatt electricity a day. There is also a Regenerative Braking System. This system charges the battery when the brake is applied. Electric grids have also been installed in the train for battery charging in the night and cloudy weather.

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