Bhilai Technologies Built Solar Powered Car, Which will Give the High Mileage


Bhilai Twin City Technocrats outnumbered institutions like IIT Mumbai and IISc Bengaluru from their invention. BIT, three students of the last year of the fort have set up a battery operated car, which will be the highest paying so far. This car is totally reliant on solar energy. The special thing is that solar PV panels will not be separately connected, but stick on the car like a sticker. The car will look normal, but energy will be supplied with solar energy.

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Defeated teams by IITs BIT students have used flacqual solar cells, which will be used for the first time in the car. Recently, the famous two-wheeler company Hero MotorCrop Pvt. Ltd. has organized a competition on Leading Institutions of the country, in which Twin City Technocrats have won two lakh rupees by defeating the teams of IIT on the basis of their ideas. Hero Motor Coop has given them a job offer by completing studies. In this competition, BIT winner is NIT Raipur runner-up.

Car Aviral, 46km more, will say that this car will run 46 km more than the rest. The special thing will be that if the battery is discharged it will be charged immediately. At present, this process takes about 7 hours. Depending on the data of solar cells and real time calculation, Hero Coop’s Expert Panel has justified this idea. Principal Dr. Arun Arora has been guided.

Hard work on the idea of ​​three youth together, this innovation has been prepared by BE student Aviril Ahirwar, Ankush Ramteke and Sonam Maheshwari. Hero recently honored the triumphant three students in a grand ceremony in Delhi. The Campus Challenge Season 1 competition was organized by Hero, in which our technocrats showed the maximum.


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