California- 1st ever Green city in the world till 2020



California City becomes the 1st city in the world where solar energy installations on new homes residential buildings is mandated.

On Tuesday By the California Building Standards Commission approved the plan for state house solar panels installation. In the year 2020, new homes built work start in California and solar rooftop panels is now formally part of state building codes. The rule is on effect in 2020, in this scheme house owner is incentives to install a high-performance battery in their house solar electrical system, to store energy.

The California Building Industry Association Data show that just 15 to 20 % of the house build worked in California have sun oriented panels construction.

“This is a very large market expansion for solar,” said Lynn Jurich, co-founder and chief executive of Sunrun, a leading solar installation company in California. She also added, “It’s very cost effective to do it this way, and customers want it.”