Saturday, April 20, 2019
Solar Power Panels

Indian Solar Producers Relieved as Government Revoked Import Duty

Indian Government scrapped off the duty on solar modules, making it simpler to import the merchandise after an immediate change in customs policy, which...
Solar Cell

New Solar Cell Design Enhance Energy-Conversion Efficiency Over 50%

Solar panels convert the sun's energy into electricity by converting photons into electrons. A new solar panel design could enhance the energy conversion efficiency...
Hybrid Energy

Government Announced Hybrid Wind-Solar Policy

  By having an aim to improve renewable power generation, the government announced a national wind-solar hybrid policy, which seeks to market new projects in addition...
Solar Power

India as an Emerging Nation in Solar Power

New Delhi’s International Solar Alliance envisions a green future. India with the help of France hosted the very first International Solar summit on March 11...
solar modules

India Consider 7.5% Duty on Imported Solar Panels

According to reports, India is planning to impose a 7.5% tax on imported solar PV modules. India may impose 7.5% import duty on Solar modules coming from China and other countries. The Indian Government is mulling a 7.5% tax on imported solar PV modules, according to Bloomberg, which cites government officials. Reportedly, India has bought [...]

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