Central and West Area Power Distribution Company Received 100 Crore Award

Bhopal: In the history of Power Sector of Madhya Pradesh, Tuesday’s day was recorded in the golden letters. Madhya Pradesh Electricity Distribution Company, Bhopal and West Area Power Distribution Company, Indore, has attained such a position among power distribution companies in the country which is an example.
Union Minister of State for Power, New and Renewable Energy, RK Singh, in the National Conference of the Energy Ministers of the country, organized in Gurgaon, Bhopal has been awarded a 100 crore rupee Award to Central Region Power Distribution Company. Similarly, MP Western Region Power Distribution Company, Indore also received the first prize of Rs. 100 crore.
On this occasion, in the presence of Minister of Power, Prof. Priyavrat Singh, Additional Chief Secretary, Energy ICP Keshari, former Chairman and Managing Director, in the hands of Minister of State for Energy and New and Renewable Energy RK Singh, MP Power Management Company, Jabalpur and presently Chief Secretary, Public Health Engineering Department Sanjay Kumar Shukla, Managing Director M.P. Madhya Pradesh Power Distribution Company, Bhopal Dr. Sanjay C Yl has received the award.
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For the excellent work execution in the good luck scheme, the employees of the three power distribution companies of the state including Madhya Pradesh Power Distribution Company were also rewarded.
Madhya Pradesh Company Country’s First Fortune Company
Madhya Pradesh Electricity Distribution Company Bhopal is the first electricity distribution company in the country which has illuminated 7 lakh 85 thousand 233 houses under the Prime Minister’s Sahitya electrical energy housing scheme “Good luck”. This Gaurav Work M.P. The Central Sector Electricity Distribution Company has completed lighting of every house of all the 16 districts of the company after completing the deadline.
Strategy achieved by making strategies
On 25th September 2017, the Prime Minister, Sahitya Laxman Har Hari Mandal “Good Luck” was inaugurated by the Government of India. The purpose of this good luck program was to provide electricity to all the houses of rural areas and BPL houses in urban areas. Mph After the implementation of the scheme, the Central Sector Power Distribution Company, after electrification of the scheme, illuminated 7 lakh 85 thousand 233 houses on October 30, 2018, before the scheduled time limit of October 10.
As soon as the scheme was announced, a strategy was devised under the leadership of Additional Chief Secretary Iqbal Singh Bains under which monitoring committees were formed at the distribution centre, tehsil, division, and district level. Targets were given to provide connections at various levels. The team of the electrical contractor was prepared at every district level. Management of materials was done in the prescribed time frame and the information technology team was given targets at the departmental level. Monitoring of the implementation of the scheme at all levels by preparing the portal by the IT team.
Additional Chief Secretary Energy IC P. Kesari and former Chairman Power Distribution Company Sanjay Kumar Shukla and Managing Director Dr. Sanjay Goyal and Akash Tripathi organized the meetings on the field trips and meetings at every Regional Headquarters to make sure that all the difficulties were resolved by eliminating every minor problem. Can be illuminated in every condition. The result was that in the whole country, Madhya Pradesh Electricity Distribution Company Bhopal received the first place in the country and got the national fortune award of 100 crores. By adopting similar tactics, West Region Electricity Distribution Company Indore has bagged a 100 crores award.