Central Government’s Start Solar Rooftops Scheme, Rent Rooftops for Solar Panel


BJP Government is aiming on solar energy initiative to decrease support on conventional energy setup in the nation. Work on such a scheme is to produce sufficient quantity of electrical energy from solar energy. Under this system, you can spend 1 Rupees without financing government solar energy panels on your house rooftops, free electrical energy drive change to thousands of rupees.

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This Solar energy project goals to produce 40,000 megawatts and the BJP government has sanctioned 11,400 crore rupees. Solar energy Power policies to attain this objective of power production by the year 2022.

For your house 100 square meter rooftop area, rent payment will be about 3000 rupees per month. If your rooftop extents 200 square meter then you will be waged 6000 rupees for that and apart for that rent might differ according to state and city. Solar energy panels in the zone of ​​10 square meters will generate 4 units of electrical power per day.

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The central government is in work on exhibiting the rooftop of the people by relating solar PV panels. A initial solar project was ongoing in September last year in two areas of Andhra Pradesh.

The solar power project is now being attached to the grid by connecting a solar pv panel on the rooftops of the government office block and societies.  The organization who has lent the rooftops and will must a solar energy panel at its expenditure; the organization will also be accountable for its looking after and maintenance. For this, there will be an contract among the organization and the homeowner; the contract will be last for 10-25 years period of time.

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