Central State: 60% of the Delay in Central Energy Projects


New Delhi: 344 projects of the central government running the delay, 60% of the projects are from Indian Railways. It is being said that due to delays in achievement of the project, their cost has improved to 1.5 times. The cost of railway 205 projects has greater than before by 2.21 lakh Crores from the budget. It has been reported from the Data Based on Data released for December by the Ministry Of Statistics and Program Implementation Ministry (MOSPI). MOSPI monitors the central sector projects with expenditure of 150 Crores and above.

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According to the report, the original cost of these 205 projects was Rs 1,68,116.34 Crores till December 2018. Now the total amount of these funds has been estimated to increase to Rs 3,89,745.97 Crores. This means that the cost of projects has increased by 131.83% from the original. The Ministry had monitored 367 projects of Railways in December 2018. According to the report, 94 of these projects are delayed by one to 324 months.

The highest cost overrun occurred in 40 power projects. In the power sector under the ministry’s supervision has increased to Rs. 63,334.88 Crores from Rs. 40. In this 40 power projects cost is around Rs. 1,72,830.59 Crores is set, which now increase upto the cost Rs 2,36,165.47 Crores. According to the MOSPI report, 56 projects in 95 projects of power sector are running late from 2 to 147 months.

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The third highest increase in cost was done in Road Transport and High Sector, where there was a cost overrun in 49 of the 605 Projects under MOSPI monitored. These 49 projects in road transport and highway have a cost overrun of Rs 15,000.56 Crores. The basic cost of these 49 projects was Rs. 29,654.32 Crores, which increased to Rs. 44,654.88 Crores. 112 projects in the sector are delayed by one to 131 months

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