China developed world 1st ever Tram which is driven by Hydrogen energy


In work to decrease China’s destructive and rich greenhouse gases productions, Chinese firm Sifang, China South Rail Corporation has established the world’s first hydrogen energy powered tram. Tram work takes two years of study and improvement to Finished, and drive by the powered completely generated by fuel cells of hydrogen. The Tram has maximum speed will merely stay at 70 Km per hour and it is used in metropolitan cities and also designed for 380 travellers.

The tram takes 3 min to refill and will drive to a 100-kilometre path. The production company speaks the key aids for cities pure air and cheap running prices. The only production of fuel is water. It will not crop nitrogen oxides, as the temperature of the hydrogen fuel cells is kept below 100 degrees Celsius.

It has three bogies in which 66 seats are present and be able to run for 40 kilometres at an extreme speed of 70 kilometres per hour using 12 kilograms of hydrogen. It can be refilled in just 15 minutes only.