Coolala Introduced World First portable AC that runs on solar energy


AC that you can take with you anywhere. This is a moveable air conditioner and its name is Coolala. It is made by Coolala Company himself. It is the world’s primary portable and solar energy powered the air conditioner, designed to release high-temperature air heat. Its initial rate is Rs 13,500.

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Power is not needed to run it. It is electrically charged with solar energy. Once it’s fully charged, its battery backup can be last long up to 8 hours. It can cool the area of 150 square feet. It is a special thing that LED light is also provided in it. It also plugs inside the house and used inside the house. This AC comes with the solar panel, power bank, exhaust fan, AC and DC adapter.

To use it inside the house, the duo has to plug in with a power adapter and for outdoor use, it has to attach to the given power station. Many times it works through the power station even when there is no sun.

It has the world’s most powerful micro air compressor. Its weight is 3 kg. You can take it from one place to another through a wheel. Such other air conditioners have also been designed but they are not accessible due to short battery life. Once you charge it, you will get rid of the problem of getting the battery. Coolala is 3500 BTU air conditioner, it has 100-watt energy.

Its basic model is available in just Rs 13,503. The most expensive model comes at 30,874 rupees. It will come with Exospect Hoss and AC / DC Adapter. It comes with 8 hours of power bank, 100W solar panel, exhaust fan and AC DC adapter. The rest of the 6 models are also available.

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