Delhi Government Build Solar Path for Clean Energy Generation


The Municipal Workings Sector strategies to complete a 14-kilometre distance on solar cycle track on Outer Ring Road, extending from Mukarba Chowk to Jagatpur Khadar Village. The plan abilities to save Delhi government around to Rs 3 lakh in electricity bill each year.

It is the lengthiest bicycling path in the state and goals to inspire the use of carbon fuelless vehicles. A PWD certified said the building of the path has previously ongoing near Mukarba Chowk. The development, tossed in September 2018, was originally supposed to be done by March. The path will be 2-metre widespread on both sideways of the road and linked with 1.5m-wide paths.

Each Solar pv panels will generate about 25 units of power every day. The total power produced drive 5Megawatts per day. The solar panels set at any of the positions will necessity of sunlight about 4.7 hours regular to generate the essential electric power. Presently, Tata Power NSE 2.04 per cent deliveries energy for hundreds of streetlamps on Outside Sphere Road. The extra power produced by the solar panels will be traded to the electric grid.