Delhi Metro: 60 Percent Metro Power Requirements will be Met by Solar Energy.


New Delhi: Delhi Metro will now run with solar power. However, before the Delhi Metro in pollution control, there is a special recognition. Now, moving forward in this direction, DMRC has said that Delhi Metro will now run from solar power too. The solar energy which is available for this will come from the 750 MW solar power plants established in Rewa of Madhya Pradesh.

DMRC has issued a declaration saying that 27 Megawatts solar power supply has been started from Rewa to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), and on Thursday only metro has complete the momentum with solar energy.

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According to a statement issued by DMRC, within the next one week, Rewa will get 99 Megawatts of solar energy per day. It will also be used in the operation of Metro, along with Phase III stations, depots etc. DMRC will receive 33 million units power at Riga Solar Power Plant at affordable rate every year.

In the year 2018-19, 1092 million units of electricity were used in the operation of the Metro. Therefore, DMRC has to spend huge amount on the electricity bill. Now 60 per cent of the metro power requirements will be met by solar energy.

On April 17, 2017, DMRC had entered into an agreement with Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Limited, Solar Power Developers and MPPMCL (Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company Limited) to promote solar energy.

Rewa Solar power plant is a joint venture of Indian Solar Power Corporation (AECI), Madhya Pradesh Government, MPPMCL (Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company Limited) and Solar Power Developers. From the very beginning DMRC has played an important role in designing this project. In this project, DMRC is the largest and first buyer partner of solar power.

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