Farmer Achieving Irrigation Crops from Solar Energy


Sivan Half a dozen farmers of villages including Goklpur, located on Katangi Road, 15 km from the headquarters are using solar energy for irrigation of harvesting in the fields. Farmers without watering solar energy system are irrigating wells and bore water for 8 to 10 hours with the motor pump. By take on solar power, farmers are getting rid of unexpected deduction of energy and heavy bills.

Ishwar Dayal Thakur, a farmer of Gokalpur told that he had fixed 3 HP capability solar power plant in 5 acres of land along the roadside. The renewable energy sector has been capitalized in a solar plant at the cost of Rs 36 thousand for the grant. In March 2018, he had connected Solar Energy Unit.

They used to water the grounds by running a motor pump with the power connection of 2 HP to the power sector. In every six months, the power department had to pay a bill of 14 hundred rupees. But there was no place for power to come and go. Due to the problem of voltage, the machine frequently met fault.

Solar Energy Unit now has got rid of this problem. Farmer Ishwar Daya Thakur said that although they have not cut the power connection right now they will cut it soon.

Farmer Ishwar Dyal Thakur told that the other two farmers of the village, Tirath Prasad, Tejasinh have also installed 2 HP capacity solar units in their fields. For the 2 HP unit, the farmers have spent Rs 23-23 thousand. With the Solar Unit, farmers are able to easily irrigate their farms.

Renewable energy officer Sunil Gavkhedkar said that so far 85 farmers have installed solar pumps in the region. Grant is given to farmers up to 90% in Solar Unit of one to 3 HP capacity. Farmers can apply on the MPCM solar website. Solar pumps can work only if the depth of the bore is up to 300 feet.

With solar plates, motor pump and other materials are also being planted in the farmer’s farm. 5 years of maintenance is being done by the respective company. Farmers are making a large number of applications to apply it.