Germany renewable energy supply reached 100 billion kWH in Six Months


European Union ambition is to use renewable energy as their main source energy generation fuel.

In six months Germany coal plants output dropped in the 1st half of the year 2018. Germany starts generating their electrical energy through renewable source but the problem faced by Germany energy generation companies is the smart power grids all across the country to store and harness the renewable energy. The generation industry also facing a problem of how to distribute the energy all over the country.

In Germany, renewable sources now take over the coal source and also become the largest source of power generation. Germany’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy data show that greenhouse gas emissions will be less by 55% by 2030.

Michael Sen, managing board member of German engineering and energy infrastructure giant Siemens told in an interview conducted by CNBC, “Coal has been a traditional source for power generation in this country, as it has in other countries… but we have seen a lot of players emerge in renewable industries.”