Give Solar Energy a Boost, Save Traditional Sources


In the current phase, the traditional sources of energy are almost ending. That is why people’s trend has now increased towards solar and wind energy. These are never endless resources and they are kept in the category of renewed resources. So they are called future fuel. All of us should emphasize the use of these energy sources.

There will be savings of conventional fuels such as petroleum and coal, as well as conservation of the environment. This came from Ireland, Professor Brian Norton said. He was addressing students at the closing ceremony of the five-day course under the Knowledge Course in MITS. He explained the methods of solar power technology and how to use technology in this solar energy technology.

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Building 53% Power Pro Norton said that 53% of the electricity in the country is produced from coal. If this product continues in the same way, then one-day coal will be eliminated. However, electricity has not been reached in some villages in India.

At such times we should use more of solar energy. By which our natural resources remain protected. For this, we have to do better planning and consider the options of energy resources. Power will also be able to reach remote areas.

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