Give your Career an energy boost in Renewable Energy Industry


Renewable energy is the most expanding industry in the world. Over the past decades, the fossil fuel industry is the growing industry all over the world but we all know what they harm us and our environment.

Today our energy generation companies are changing they are perspective over the renewable energy source and seeing renewable energy as the major energy generation source. As the renewable energy industry is at their growing phase which creates many benefits for us like a green environment, clean fuel and most importantly the career opportunity for our next coming formation.

Over next coming 10 years, the solar industry surely creating jobs 15 times faster than any other energy generation industry. In the year 2017, around the world half million jobs created in the green energy sector.

Data shared by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) show that more than 70% of clean energy jobs are in six countries – China, Brazil, the US, India, Germany and Japan.