Government Spent Millions of expenditure in Solar initiative, even after one year, the hands down the facility


Shajapur: In order to save energy costs of government offices, private corporations started the scheme to set up solar energy systems in government offices. Under this, 188 solar Panels plates were installed on the roof of the collector’s office. The entire collector’s office could be lightened by solar power. More than a year has passed over a solar panels plate on the roof of the collector’s office, but till today the solar energy system was not ongoing here.

Under the said scheme run by the Department of Renewable Energy, in which a large number of solar systems could not be installed in the absence of the budget, private companies were invited to set up the system. A solar system of 188 solar plates was installed on the roof of the Collector’s office. After installing all the solar pliers, it was also installed, but its benefits have not been available to date. Even today, electricity received from the electricity company is being used in the collector’s office. From this, the electricity bill of the month of collector office has to be paid up to 50-60 thousand rupees. If the solar system started the system, then this electricity bill would be very low.

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Each of the solar plates put on the roof of the Collector’s office is worth about 15 thousand rupees. So, the total value of the total 188 solar plates installed here is 28 lakh 20 thousand rupees. Along with this, other costs, including its installation, were made separately. Although all the expenses were borne by the private company, the benefits of this are still not available. In such a situation, there was no justification for the said system.

Due to the difficulty of not getting a meter of double capacity. The fact that even after a year of solar plates, the main reason for not getting the benefit of it here is the fact that there is no double power electricity meter. According to the information, the collector’s office currently has a 40-kilometre power meter. While the roof of this office will produce 80 kW of electricity from a solar plate on the roof. In such a situation, the system will not be able to work unless the power meter of 80-kilometre capacity is installed here. The Department of Renewable Energy has applied to the power company to install a double capacity meter.

The solar system has been installed in the collector’s office. Due to delay from the power company, the system has not started yet. Hopefully, soon the upcoming action will be taken from the power company and solar energy will be used in the collector’s office. Deepak Bullani, in charge District Renewable Energy Officer-Shajapur.

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