Government Subsidy Will be Available on Solar Panels


Kanpur: If you want to get a solar panel, then there is a good chance. The prices of solar panels have come down and the government is also subsidizing it. The change in government policy will be helpful in promoting the use of solar energy. The online process of application has been started.

The first one-kilowatt solar panel was used to cost 74 thousand rupees. It has now been reduced to 50 thousand to Rs, 24 thousand surly. A subsidy of Rs. 30 thousand is also being given on behalf of the government on a connection. This subsidy is only on domestic connections, if no industry is equipped with solar panels, then no subsidy will be given.

The trust also has an expenditure of Rs. 4.5 crores in subsidy one Mw solar plant. If a trust wants to set up a solar plant, then a subsidy of 30 per cent will be given by the government. With the installation of a solar plant, it will provide a five- year maintenance, 25-year warranty. In 25 years 20 per cent of the panels fall weak, but 80 per cent have the power to generate electricity.

According to an estimate, the solar panel works 300 days a year. The rest of the 65 days, due to the absence of rain, transit and fog, the panel does not get energy because it does not work.

The online application is an online system for applying solar panels. It is filled in form and registrations are done.