Green energy generation production is hit by air pollution


Air pollution, we all know how harmful it is for our health. Health effects of air pollution are very dangerous. Children, women and men all affected by this dangerous climate. People having serious lung disease and heart disease due to air pollution. Polluted climate not only harms on people health but also on green energy generation.

Solar energy is the main source of green energy in the present scenario of renewable energy generation. Solar energy generation does not produce any air, water pollution and greenhouse gases. Air pollution in urban areas really reduces the green energy generation. In the urban area, there are large carbon particles present in the air which are settling on solar panel and setting a thick layer of carbon particles which reduce the area for sun rays exposure.

The researcher collects the data in Delhi. The research data show a drastic reduction in solar panels output in a 2 year period of time. The profit margins are lower for some solar installations because of the polluted climate.

Many devolving countries is start planning to solar panel installation in urban areas. India is targeting for 40 GW of rooftop solar installation unit by 2020-2022. The main problem for solar production companies is air pollution impact on solar panels and they need to consider on the solar panels design and solar panels installation idea.