Green Energy Sources help in facing cons of Global Warming


Global warming is a danger alarm for all earth developing countries which use non-convention energy sources to produce power energy. If we want to protect from this danger we have to take a step to change our system by start using renewable energy.

Every day we read news about global warming effects like earthquake, tornado and other dangerous climate effects. Today 8:00 AM, 7.0 magnitude earthquake hits Alaska. The destruction made by the earthquake is yet to be measured. This is the time we have to understand the damage made by us on nature earth and we have to take action toward the clean our nature with the use of green energy.

Green energy use can cause a decrease in a global warming effect. Using green energy for power energy generation by developing countries is a most important action to be taken by them to decrease global warming impact on mother earth. Green energy resources not only give clean energy but also reduce smog, air toxic gases and water pollution.

Government nowadays think about as the main source of energy generation in the coming years. The renewable energy source is replacing non-renewable energy sources like coal, gas extraction fuel and other harmful sources but we all know its take time to implement totally on our industry of power generation.

The government has seen Green energy generation as the future of earth and we have to take part in this initiative also.