Haryana Government Introduce New Policy Giving 22,500 Rupees Solar System in Rs 7,500


Utility desks Haryana Government has come up with a solar energy home lighting system to get rid of the problem of electric power. The Haryana Government has set a target to distribute the Manohar Jyoti Home Lighting System Grant in all the districts. This system includes a 150-watt solar module, 80 -h-12.8 volt lithium battery, 2 LED lights, a tube and a ceiling fan. In the day the battery will be charged with 150-watt solar modules. These devices will be used in powerless homes and areas.

Cost of Solar Home Systems: Although the cost of a solar home system is Rs 22,500, the Haryana Government is giving a subsidy of about 15 thousand rupees to it. The beneficiaries will have to spend only Rs 7,500 from their pockets for this.

Such applications: The application can be done online only on simple portal through the simple centre of Antyodaya.

  • Apart from this, the Common Service Centre also facilitates online application on Antyoday Simple Portal.

Eligible applicants for solar system: Family living in an electric shield

  • Scheduled Caste Families
  • Family living below the poverty line (according to the Ration Card of Food and Supplies Department)
  • Beneficiaries of the Prime Minister’s Accommodation Scheme (Rural / Urban)
  • Electrified families living in urban women’s settlements
  • Female head family
  • Rural households with a school going to school
  • Explain that only eligible applicants of the above categories can apply. These tools will be given on the basis of ‘first application-first service’. In which the first 5 categories of the above categories will be given preference.

Necessary documents: Applicants are required to have these documents necessary for the application, in which the details of Ration Card / Aadhar Card / PAN Card / Electricity Bill / BPL Card / Schedule Certificate / Bank Account should be required.