Hear what solar entrepreneur have say about their new found passion


The solar industry is the expanding industry of India and many young talented people seeing solar industry as their future business industry. Red solar is the expanding start-up solar company in Bengaluru, Karnataka which is founded by Rajesh Varma and Venkatesh Majji in January. The capital investment of the company is 10 lakh. Start-up is now targeting on residential to the commercial and institutional building.

Vice president of the Red solar company, Venkatesh Majji said in an interview conducted by The Hindu “so far, we have installed solar on-grid systems at 20 residential houses in Visakhapatnam in various areas like Seethammadhara, MVP Colony, Madhurawada and also at other major cities in Andhra Pradesh. Now, we are reaching out to educational institutions, hospitals and hotels where we see a great scope for growth,” hospitals and hotels where we see a great scope for growth,”

He also set up a target to expand its company to Hyderabad and Bengaluru this year. After completion of his education, he had only one dream to start a firm in its hometown and offering clean energy solution and installation services.

Rajesh Varma also share his experience “Being a start-up, we had our own share of challenges especially in terms of funding our capital and operational costs which we had managed using the initial funds raised from kith and kin. Today, within a one-and-half year, we have reached stability and now have a team of 12 with two new branches in Hyderabad and Bengaluru,” he said.

Red solar completed 200KW solar on-grid units at the institute and other more institute. Majji said due to low prices and government initiative became this year the most promising year for the solar industry.