How to store solar energy at your home


The solar industry is the fastest developing energy generation industry in India. Solar energy is holding a major part in renewable energy generation in India. Solar energy generation for home is increasing interest but people have any questions in mind.

One of the questions is how to store solar energy for home? Solar batteries is the answer that used to store extra solar power for later use. Companies like Exide, Okaya, Luminous, Su-Kam, and Tata are the most trusted brand that makes batteries for solar power energy. Batteries are installed with solar panels unit to store extra energy generated.

Why you need solar batteries?

Home rooftop Solar panels unit contain Inverter, rooftop solar panels and monitoring system.  Rooftop solar panels collect solar radiation on their surface screen and convert it into electricity. Inverter used to convert DC to AC form. AC form is used for our home appliances.

Sometimes solar panels system generate electricity more than your need for home loans. Solar batteries stores excess solar electricity directly to your home solar batteries instead of sending directly into the power grid. You can later use it for your electrical appliances. Excess electricity first charge the batteries and when the batteries fully charge electricity is sent directly to the grid.

If you have a high load demand than your solar unit generates, solar batteries are a good choice for your power demands.