IIT Madras Research Team Formed New Space Fue


IIT Madras researcher’s team have invented ‘space fuel’ for astronomical circumstances, a process to change atmospheric CO2 into a power source on Earth surface.

The study and its results have been stated in the paper of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The formation of space fuel possibly will help in limitation greenhouse gases providing a new, ecological source of power.

Researcher team designed at high densities and low temperatures at spaces like the sea floor, which is hundreds meter deep in the sea level and temperature at sea floor is near to -263 degree Celsius. They formed the same conditions present in space.

The researcher found that particles like methane and ammonia in the interstellar condition could be present in a totally changed arrangement. Methane, carbon dioxide particles etc., kept in Space of water particles founding crystalline solids. New elements are designed at high densities and low temperatures condition at specific spaces. Set up carbon dioxide in hydrates is the help to decrease greenhouse gases harm.