IIT Professor will create solar lamps for village’s students


According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) statement, the usage of electrical power will raise global warming in the next years. Next 50 years the temperature will rise by 5 to 6 degree.

Chetan Solanki, Professor of Energy Science and Engineering Department at IIT Bombay, has invented the lamps work on sun-based energy from the solar panel with the group of IIT Bombay. They will also make solar visits in 40 to 50 International countries.

Prof. Chetan Solanki publicized it to Gandhi Ashram and told learners of Vinay Mandir School of Gujarat University about solar energy. In Villages, 40 % of children read in the light of lanterns and lamps in the night. More than half of the children drop studies in the middle. Such type of self-invention will effort well where there is a problem of electricity. Pro. Chetan Solanki said that in other countries, with the help of Government, University and NGO, the message of solar energy will be given.

This invention complete by IIT Bombay runs from the solar panel. The lamp Work up to 12 hours and gives up to 6 hours of fast light. This invention is reserved exposed, which can help anybody with the help of IIT Bombay. It has been taught to Dungarpur and around 20 thousand women of Rajasthan. Here women are earning a livelihood by selling lamps.