India Auction Plan Solar and Wind Project Till 2028


India marks for renewable energy installation capability. The targets goal till the year 2030, will affect in a 40% part of renewable power capability in power production in India.

The authority of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) newly define that India will complete an installation capability of 500 gigawatts through all renewable energy sources until the year 2030. The installation capability for the complete power area is 850 GWs by the year 2030. The share is about 59% for renewable energy sources in the installation capability.

If all hydro energy power plants are definitely reclassified as renewable energy strategies, the total renewable energy capacity would possibly increase up to 575 gigawatts in the next decade. The 500 GWs target is subdivided into 350 gigawatts of the solar project, 140 gigawatts of the wind project, and 10 gigawatts of other renewable energy projects. India targets to have 100 GWs solar energy project, 60 GWs of the wind energy project, and 15 GWs of other renewable energy sources capability by March 2022.

325 GWs renewable energy project auction will be conducted in the eight years’ time period. The auction of 250 GWs of a solar energy project, 70 GWs of the wind energy project, and 5 GWs of other renewable energy sources