Indian Government Seeing Renewable Energy as Future Despite the Coal Use


Solar and wind energy in our country, with the help of which we can not only transform the country’s energy structure. There is a lot of work to be done on other options of energy in the country. Let us know what is currently in the country?

Energy conservation means saving energy directly. By the way, the government is planning the sources of renewable energy in view of petrol, diesel and coal. Perhaps this is the reason that the country is fast growing in the use of another source of energy for environmental protection. In the field of solar and wind power, major progress has been made in recent years and renewable energy production is also being encouraged.

The country is writing new dimensions of development every day. Because of this, the demand for electricity has also increased due to faster development related work. It is necessary that in the coming years, the growth of wind and renewable energy production capability will be expanded. Electricity demand reached peak hour in October 2018, reaching 180 gigawatts. The Ministry of Power says that this is the biggest demand so far.

The government is continuously moving towards renewable energy, but despite this, India has produced a record of coal in the last four years. According to industry estimates, the request for electricity in India is estimated to reach about 1600 billion units by 2022 and it is attained 2100 billion units by the next decade. Coal-based thermal plants have been the main source of electricity in India for more than a century.

Today, more than half of the total capacity of power generation is coal-based. It contributes more than three-fourths of the country’s electricity requirement of more than 77 per cent. In comparison, renewable energy is the second largest installed base with about 20 per cent (69 gigawatts), which yields about 8 per cent of the electricity.

20 thousand MW solar power generation target in 2 years Non-traditional means such as solar energy and wind energy, which can never end, between the scarcity of resources like crude oil, coal, natural gas and the possibility of short and ending in the future, the focus of the government is now focused on this. The Government claims that in the next two years the production of solar energy in the country will increase to more than 20 thousand MW. By the year 2035, the demand for solar power in the country is expected to increase by 7 times.

Given the immense potential in this area, the foreign companies have now taken notice of India. According to experts, from the year 2015 to 2017, the production of solar energy in India has exceeded its installed capacity four times more than 10 thousand megawatts in just three years.