Innovation of E-cars Left Till Energy Development


Use of non-polluting vehicles at the government level at the level of the government and the continuous increase was started at a very large scale, but within six months of starting, it has been reduced to the energy development corporation which was built to promote.

Four of the six cars in the first were used by corporation officials. The situation is that even after the formation of the new government, there is no demand for these cars so far. Due to the absence of the use of E-cars, the corporation has so far proposed to floats the next fleet of those cars in cold storage.

The E-cars was to run the government, in order to promote new and renewable energy, six cars from EESL had come to the state. The price of 12 lakh cars was almost one and a half times more than the gasoline version of this model. It was claimed that from Chief Minister refused to use the car, while the other did not show interest in running these cars.

The use of E-Cars, CS BP Singh, ACS Radheshyam Juliania, Chairman of Energy Development Corporation, Brijendra Singh Sisodia, Md of Manu Shrivastav, and Chief Engineer of the Corporation used the E-cars while one car kept for the demo in Energy Conservation Gone. After being removed from the post of Sisodia, His car is currently under the corporation.

E-cars are being used by senior executives, E-cars are used by senior officials of the state and the corporation. The decision to increase the use of cars will be based on their availability.