Interesting Facts about Clean Energy Sources


Clean energy is cheaper. The rate of solar Pv panels has dropped almost 80% in the last 5 years and receiving power from wind energy is now inexpensive than receiving it from non-conventional energy sources.

Clean energy produces more jobs. More jobs produce in the solar Industry as compare to the coal industry. The number of solar industry jobs is increasing up to 20 per cent. These are well-paying careers that can’t be transported in a foreign country.

Clean energy marks good corporate logic. Walmart vowed to use its power consumption with the wind, solar, and other renewables sources by 2025 and Microsoft finished its major venture in wind power. Microsoft builds 237 MW plant to energies it’s energy-intensive data centres.

Clean energy production is toxic waste free. Fossil-fuelled power plants book for approximately 40 % of U.S carbon releases – affecting Human, plants and animals health complications. When we switch to wind and solar to produce power and these resources harvest no carbon radiations.

Clean energy needs no water to harvest. Fossil fuels need an extreme quantity of water to change to electrical energy. Solar power just needs 26 gallons and wind needs zero water. Water worry fetching a rising subject through the U.S preserving this resource is significant than ever.