Jharkhand: Hydroelectric Power Project at 13 Places 125 MW Generated by Projects


There will be 13 small hydro projects in the state. The drill has been ongoing to set up these plans in a new way. Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (JRDA) lately gave a production to these projects in Nepal House in front of CMD DK Tiwari of Jharkhand Energy Development Corporation. It was decided that the Department of Energy will obtain permission from the related departments such as Forests Environment and Climate Change, Water Resources Department etc. for the projects.

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There are hydro projects in Sikdari, Chandil, Tenughat in the state. Power is generated in alternative situation with two units of 65-65 MW in Sikdari. Due to the lower levels of water in the Getalsud Dam, hydro power is not being created due to the Sikdari. There are several major rivers in the state, which pass through the hill Rivers fall naturally from the height. There is a good possibility of hydroelectric production. Produced hydroelectricity will be transported to the nearest grid. After that, consumption can be made.

125.20 MW will be generated by hydroelectric projects. JRDA has created DPR to set up 13 small hydro projects on various rivers of the state. According to DPR, 125.20 MW of hydropower will be generated. All projects will be prepared at a cost of Rs 10.52 crore.

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