Labours Strike Ends in Reliance Solar Power Plants


For the last three days, the strike continued for the fourth day in front of the Reliance Solar Power Plant located in Dhansar village, which is going on strike. On Wednesday, the company’s official talks were ready for the difficulties made by the workers for four days. At the same time, holding the conference under the chairmanship of Subdivision Officer in the SDM office, the strike misshapen. According to the info, on Sunday, the worker strike in Solar Power Plant located in Dhunsar continued on Wednesday.

The workers were sitting on the strike for the fourth day in front of the power plant for the valid demands of the labours. On the one side of the labour union, the employees sitting on indefinite strike where there is rage against the officials of the plant. On the other hand, due to the acceptance of no positive attitude by project officials, the rage in the workers is increasing. On the evening of Wednesday after the long struggle and hard work, the project administration bowed in front of the labourers. At the same time, peace talks were held between the delegation and project director Hemraj Sharma under the chairmanship of SDM Anil Kumar Jain. In which the project director considered the different demands of the workers. On which the workers finished the strike on the fourth day. On this occasion, pages Khan, Gaffar Khan, Pappu Khilji, Nazir Khan, Iqbal Matuja etc. were present.