Madhya Pradesh Government Launched New Solar Rooftop Scheme


Government schools of Vikhand block are now receiving illuminated with the solar power system. It has also in progress with Khacharud under the Central Government’s Solar Rooftop Scheme. A model of Imamav, Khacharud, Ummav, Excellent Umav, and Virgo Umayv has been fitted in 10 to 25kg of Solar Plant. This will save the education bill of Rs 60 thousand years in the faculties. Fault or other mechanical reasons will also get cleared of the difficulty of power discontinuation. Free solar plants have been installed under the scheme of authority in schools. Although another institute or individual takes advantage of the scheme, they are given a grant of 30 % by the Central Government at the cost of the solar system.

The solar company will benefit from the consumer as well as the power company. AE partial Sethi of the power company said that in the summer the power of 25 kilowatts is generated from the unit of 20 units per hour. At the same time, 15 units per hour are made in cold conditions. 1 kilowatt is 1 thousand watts. That is, 10 kW of 100 watts can be run from 1 kW. When the extra power is created then it will go directly to the power company’s system and it will be available to other consumers if it is not used. Apart from this, the electricity company will also give the power company annually to the plant owner. Sethi told that the benefit of the scheme was first taken by the Goal International School in Tehsil.

The objective to generate more electricity, the main objective of the Central Government’s Solar Roof Top System Scheme is to generate more electricity by accumulating solar energy. If carbon dioxide is released on the electricity from coal, then it is wastage of electricity by making electricity with water. The purpose of this scheme is to provide the consumer with uninterrupted power by protecting the environment from harm, producing more electricity than solar energy.

Who and how to apply – Small Industries, Institutions and Common Consumers can also install Solar Plants with government buildings under the scheme. For this, the consumer has to apply online on the website of Energy. Applications from 1 to 15 kW of Ujjain and above will be processed by the Indore Energy Department. It will be provided by the central government on 30 % of the cost of the solar plant. 30% advance amount and the copy of property will be attached with the application.

Cost of 1 kilowatt on expenditure- 1-kilowatt plant costs Rs 76,629. 30 per in after getting the grant (Rs 21 thousand), the cost is 55629 rupees. In this application with DD or check 30 per cent collect the amount. For net metering, the power company will have Rs 10,000. The amount is to be deposited.