Madhya Pradesh: Half of the cost of solar plants to be installed in homes


New World Representative, for the first time the state government will offer the subsidy to bring solar power to the household. You will get two kilowatts of solar system connections instead of Rs 1.5 lakhs in 75 thousand rupees. This means that the system of 2 kW of 250 units of power will be accessible in half the month.

Under Net Metering Policy you will also be able to trade access electrical energy to the power company. If your energy bill comes to 250 units then the system of two kilowatts can be effortlessly run. So far, 30 % of funding was conventional from the center. In which 20 per cent is being increased. MP Energy Development Corporation has prepared tender formats. As soon as the scheme is applied, the government is getting ready to finish the subsidy given to the government buildings and institutions.

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Solar System will purchase from authorized companies from Power Development Corporation Limited. There will be a kilowatt, two kilowatts and a further three kW system. After applying this system, the warranty will also be issued on behalf of the company and after completion of the installation, the consumer will claim for subsidy in Energy Development Corporation Limited. After this, it will get the amount of subsidy.

In this scheme, the corporation will work for different companies. In the conditions of tenders issued, multi companies have been kept in modal mode. Authorizing the different companies, the consumer will have the option of choice. It will be able to take it from the authorized company which will take it from the system.

For the first time, the subsidy will also be received from the state for bringing solar energy to the households. The tender will be released soon. Center-state will get 50% Subsidy-Bharat Yadav, MD, MP Energy Development Corporation Limited, MP.

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