Madhya Pradesh Power Company Planned Adopted Solar Energy for Power Generation


Madhya Pradesh: Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company is at work on coal from power and now it is functioning on solar. This is the reason why all the thermal power plants are being used to generate power by a solar panel system.

In the early valuation, about 94 MW of power can be produced through solar energy. It will charge about 3 rupees per unit of power production cost. The power producing firm has shown an analysis in which the capability and expenses charge of the solar plant has been measured. A total of about 94.53 MW solar plant is scheduled to be fixed in all thermal power plants. The power producing company expenditure is Rs. 394 crores. In fact, the power generation company is to produce 10% of the total making as green energy.

Solar panels system installed at

– Satpura Power Plant Table

– Sanjay Gandhi thermal power plant

The electric power of 94 Megawatts will be offered at the price of about Rs 3 per unit. In the current phase, the cost of generation of power from many plants is more than 3 rupees per unit. The charges of solar energy will also be lesser if the prices are decreasing. The benefit of which will be found in the system of inexpensive power for customers ultimately.

Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company is ready to build a solar panel system in the power plant. About 94 MW of power will be produced from this. The power generation cost will also come around Rs 3 per unit.