Maharashtra Government to Setup 1,000MW Solar Power Plant


Maharashtra: 1,000MW solar energy at the price of Rupees 2.71 and 2.72 per unit usage, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co Ltd is signed the energy contracts for additional 1,000MW cheap solar power. The bids received for this project at Rupees 2.74 and 2.75 per unit charge. It will stop growth in power price in the future years.

The discom had tender for purchasing 1,000MW solar energy in recent times. 7 firms presented 1,900MW at tariffs ranging from Rupees 2.85 to 2.90 per unit charge. The winning auction buyers are Shiv Solar, Renew Solar Power, ACME Solar Holdings and Avaada Energy.

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Energy minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule has introduced a clean energy initiative and the MSEDCL is working for solar energy power. Presently, purchasing 1,000MW solar energy but in 2 years this number drive reaches up to 7,000Megawatts. As the price of solar energy is extreme lesser than coal and gas power, the price will not rise in future years.

Mahagenco is set up developments to trade 750MW solar energy to MSEDCL. Maharashtra Energy Development Agency is fixing solar pv panels at government office rooftops, universities and hospitals centres.

MSEDCL to agree to build solar energy system projects with 3,200MW size in the state in coming 2 years.

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