MIT researcher invent Solar Super-heat Steamer


MIT scientist invented the device which is used sun rays to boil water up to 100 Celsius and convert it into superheated steam.

This device can be used to supply hot steam to sterilize medical equipment’s, or cooking and cleaning process and also used in industrial work and condensation to produce distilled water. This superheat steamer is the advance version of old technology in this latest version the steamer can sterilize the medical equipment very efficiently.

“It’s an entirely passive structure — you just leave it outdoor to captivate sunlight,” said Thomas Cooper, assistant professor at York University, he also led the MIT researcher team. “You could measure this up to something that could be used in remote climates to generate plenty of drinking water for a family,” added by Cooper.

Solar superheat steam to capture the short wavelength solar energy from sun rays and give back the underneath water a radiated heat in the form of longer wavelength ultraviolet energy.

“It’s this clever Invention of different resources and how they’re arranged that permits us to reach reasonably high productivities with this non-contact arrangement,” Cooper said.