MNRE set target to complete 80 GW green energy installation plan by 2020


Monday: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) present a target based renewable energy bidding of 60 Gigawatt (GW) capacity of solar energy and 20 GW capacity of wind energy and they target of installation should be finish by March 2020.

Presently total 73.35 GW renewable energy capacity has already been installed in all across the country. In India, the renewable energy installation of wind source is about 34.98 GW, solar 24.33 GW, small hydropower 4.5 GW and Biopower 9.54 GW.

India is at 5th position in the world for renewable energy installed capacity. India also gets their solar power tariff rates is low as compare to other country rates.

Renewable energy is producing a green form of energy which is a clean source for our environment. PM Modi said countries should need to share or see the solar energy as our main source of transmission.

“The world must turn to Sun to power our future” PM Modi