NTPC Announced Street Light Project for Villages


The NTPC Gas Power Project will announce a solar energy burning project in the villages and around it. The LED Street light of solar energy will decrease power consumption. NTPC’s General Manager, Amitabh Rai, obvious to install Solar Energy Street Light while governing over the meeting of village Sarpanchs.

The Sarpanchs who be present in the meeting included Prem Bohra of Jajuru, Mahipal Arya of Mirzapur, Begara Nagar of Nawada, Karmaram Nagar of Neemka attended.

In the meeting, all Sarpanchs raised up the subject of growth works done in their separate villages. The Sarpanch of the village Jajuru needed the restoration of a veterinary hospital made by NTPC and the main gate.

The Sarpanch of Neemka needed the light on the stadium. The General Manager of the institute Roy guaranteed the Sarpanchs of fulfilling their demands and supporting their development activities.