Solar Panel

Solar Panels Save Water In Many Different Ways

We all know how important water is. 70% of the Earth is covered by it. Our bodies are mostly water, too, and we can’t...
solar modules

India Consider 7.5% Duty on Imported Solar Panels

According to reports, India is planning to impose a 7.5% tax on imported solar PV modules. India may impose 7.5% import duty on Solar modules coming from China and other countries. The Indian Government is mulling a 7.5% tax on imported solar PV modules, according to Bloomberg, which cites government officials. Reportedly, India has bought [...]
Solar People

Should you Buy or Lease Solar Panels? The Answer is Yes.

  Now more families and businesses have installed solar panels – and with each passing day, thousands more are joining them. People across the country are using solar power to save money, reduce carbon pollution, increase energy independence, conserve water, and create a more resilient electric grid. There are more ways than ever to adopt [...]
Solar Installation

How to Install Solar Panel

  Solar Panel install information   In this section we give a detailed breakdown of all the information related to the installation of a solar PV system. How are solar panels installed? Installation walkthrough of a typical solar panel system. Before contacting PV installation companies it is advisable to secure an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) [...]
Solar Energy Equipment

The Need of Solar Energy Equipment

  Solar Energy Equipment What is Solar Energy Equipment? Solar energy equipment consists of the components that make up a solar energy system. The installation of the equipment allows for the harnessing of the sun’s energy as well as its conversion into the electricity that is necessary for the home or business in question. Among [...]