Panchayat is Fixed in 10 acres of Renewable Energy Plants


The Centre and the State Government are fast-moving up solar energy in Haryana to endorse better usage of solar energy by 2022.

ADC believed that the Renewable Energy Department and the Haryana Energy Development Agency-Hareda, the Panchayat and Development Department are creation all labours to mark this system an accomplishment. Under this scheme, if a Panchayat wants to set up a solar power plant on its barren or fertile land, then the Panchayat can give its option by establishing contact with the Department of Renewable Energy. For such renewable energy plot, at least 10 acres of land should be in one place.

People can easily connect and submit their queries or option to the Renewable Energy Department providing that plot must be 10 acres. Separately from this, if a panchayat fits solar power system at its own properties then the government will offer official support.