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Top Solar Energy Companies in India

Going Green is the need of the hour and our top solar Energy Company in India makes it easy for you to switch over to a self-sufficient source of power with our solar panel installations. Since traditional electricity is greatly dependent on limited resources of fossil fuels like coal and natural gas it is very harmful to the environment. With our solar panels, we help you reach an energy-independent status. The sun rays ensure continuous power-energy circulation throughout the day without charging unpredictable electric charges. We convert solar power to electricity through our photovoltaic and concentrated solar power systems.


Photovoltaic Solar Power System

Our solar photovoltaic is a redefined form of technology which produces electricity from sunlight without moving the parts. The photovoltaic system captures sunlight’s photons through the solar panels. Different layers of materials make up the solar panels each of them containing solar cells. The anti-reflective coating on top helps the cell to capture as much sunlight as possible. Beneath it is a silicon semiconductor which is then sandwiched between a negative conductor and positive conductor on top and bottom respectively. Once the photons are properly captured by our solar cell, they begin releasing the outer electrons of atoms within the semiconductor. Solar energy installation companies in Gurgaon create a pathway with the help of negative and positive conductors for the electrons, electric current is then created.


Advantages of using our Photovoltaic Panels

  • Our Photovoltaic panels provide clean – green energy. When electricity gets generated by our PV panels it leads to no harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Our solar energy company in Delhi NCR renders environmentally friendly solar PV services.
  • Our solar energy service is especially appropriate for solar energy network with distributed power generation. DPG is eventually indeed going to be the next generation power network structure.
  • Our solar energy company in Delhi NCR provides Solar panels at an affordable cost. We believe our solar PV panels indeed have a highly promising future both for economic viability and environmental sustainability.
  • The Photovoltaic panels we install, through photoelectric phenomenon, produce electricity directly.
  • The photovoltaic panels we install require low Operating and maintenance which is almost negligible, as compared to costs of other renewable energy systems.
  • We are the top solar energy company in India. The PV panels we install require no mechanically moving of parts, except in panels which sun-tracking mechanical bases; our PV panels have far fewer breakages and they are totally silent, producing no noise at all; consequently, they are easy to install in urban areas and for residential applications.


Solar Plant Installation Process

 Designing and Marking
The first step in plant installation involves the process of designing and making markings on your rooftop.

Civil Work and Curing
In the second step, our engineers begin the civil work. This includes building columns to hold the module mounting structures.

Module Mounting Structure Installation

The third step involves module mounting structures on the civil foundations.

Installation of the Module
 In the fourth step, after the module mounting structure is put in place, the solar panels are then bolted onto the structures. The whole process of installation depends on the size of the structure.

In the fifth step our team connects the solar modules in series with DC cables to the inverter, they then connect the solar modules with AC cables from the inverter on to the evacuation

Inverter Connection and Grid Synchronisation
In the fifth step after the installation is ready, our team charges the inverter, they then begin synchronizing the solar power with your existing electrical grid.

A Seamless Power Distribution
In the final phase, a seamless power distribution begins as soon as we manage to get the electrical connections in place. Solar installation companies in Gurgaon make solar installations not only a hassle-free solution to go green but also a budget and wise move to cut on operational cost.


Go Solar Go Green

Turning to solar energy is one of the most progressive moves we believe our clients make. It just puts people in a position where they are in control of their electricity usage. Our company places environmental protection above all, therefore, in all our operations we ensure there is minimal damage to the surrounding environment. Our solar panels serve a dual purpose of providing electricity and heat through solar thermal. With the advancement of quantum physics and nanotechnology, we try to blend in innovation at every step our panel installation and production mechanics. Solar power helps you make the best use of renewable energy at the lowest possible cost.