Railways Start Clean Energy Initiative by Planting Solar Panel on Side of the Train Track


India is initiating toward the more use of cleaner sources of energy and cut down its energy consumption price, the Railway Board has accepted a plan in which the Indian Railways will using a land alongside the railway tracks to set up solar panels units.

The railways are observing for solar energy proposals for 4 gigawatts which is open up trade openings of around Rupees 18,000 Cr for the local solar energy manufacturing having of kit manufacturers and Installer of an energy power plant.

The tender Status for local manufacture will be in line with the Make in India Initiative and the first trial will be prepared in the South Central Railways region.

The tender is likely to be summoned by Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI), the government’s organization for solar energy auction. The railways now call for 16 billion units of power, the same to deliveries from 12 Gigawatts of production capability. It applies about Rs 10,000 crore on power with the normal per unit rate about Rs 6/unit.

The government’s newest plan is to raise electric power generation of railway paths, the future solar power plants planned to use the transmission and distribution structure constructed for railway train traction — Measure dropping the price of power.