Raipur Students Innovate the Solar Energy Technology that also Cool your Rooftop


Everybody is concerned by the problem of electricity in the summer season. In such a way the solar panel is quite effective. On the other hand, if the ceiling is too cold from the solar panel, it will be good to sleep. The same model has been prepared by Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University’s students of the Renewable Energy Department. Regarding the model of Keshar Verma, Mokesh Kumar Sahu, Gitanjali Devangan, Himani Verma, Neda Qureshi, energy conservation and renewable energy are used in daily life.

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Energy conservation from this model not only can reduce energy consumption, but also reduce the energy consumption, in some ways produce energy. He informed that not only the energy is conserved in green building with the help of solar, module solar water, heating system, passive cooling, but all the appliances in the house can also be used through solar energy.

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With the help of this, the house is used to keep the house cool during the hot and hot days. To produce as much solar power as possible, the model of a building, in which electricity was produced from the ongrid solar system. In this way, if the energy building is created in the entire state, ‘environmental pollution, global warming and energy problems can be easily reduced.