Reducing Emissions of Greenhouse Gases Promote Electric Cars and Solar Energy


Uttarakhand: Former Cabinet Secretary Ajit Kumar Seth termed global warming as a big crisis, and said that India is playing an important role in falling the temperature of the earth. He stressed the need to endorse electric cars and solar power to decrease productions of greenhouse gases. Also, that the medium, small, micro enterprises will have to be endorsed, then the Himalayan states will be able to create new dimensions of progress.

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The former cabinet secretary, who here in the training program of IFS officers at Uttarakhand Administration Academy, Nainital, said that the problem of global warming is 150 years old. When the steam engine was created in the UK in 1750, this problem has been going on since then. He believed that the growing population is also one of the reasons, but the developed countries of the world are more responsible for this problem.

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Since 1979, there is a global conference on this issue. On 12 December 2015, 177 countries signed the Paris Agreement. It was decided that the temperature should be reduced by two degrees, but in the conference of specialists in Korea last year, it was said that two degrees would not be able to tolerate the earth, so it would be done 1.5. In December, discussions on preparing mechanisms for this conference were held in Poland.

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Former cabinet secretary said that India is taking several steps to deal with the problem of global warming. With the encouragement of solar energy, battery-powered and electric cars have to be encouraged. Car sales will have to be controlled.

The former cabinet secretary admitted that the Himalayan states are being exploited in this case. Small and cottage industries will be encouraged in these states. In this regard, he will also hold a meeting in Bhimtal on 27th April. The Rural Technology Action Group is formed, it will also be discussed.