Renewable Energy Manufacturers Getting Relief by Karnataka High Court Decision


The Karnataka High Court has put down the state controller’s instruction impressive retrospective duties associated with conduction transmission process on renewable power makers.

The buyers had confronted a May 2018 order of the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) that mandatory retrospective ‘rotating and banking’ duties on wind power, hydel power and solar energy projects custom-built from Oct 2013, Jan 2015 and Mar 2017.

The education was valuable to strategies difficult in ‘open contact’s conduction process or those trading power to corporate entities.

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The energy manufacturers said KERC requested that they pay 5 per cent of their cost as rolling and venture duties irrespective of a confirmation that such duties would not be composed on activities appointed before March 2018.

The HC pronounced the petition saying what KERC has completely wrong. The official managerial person at Embassy Group, one of the creators which had verified the KERC appeal. The court has evidently experimental aim in manufacturer way.

The engineers had resisted that duties charges would disturb their financials other than making matters for them with their investors and banks. An engineer said the court request is a major help for us and plenty of different designers. The engineers had before confirmed a stay on the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission appeal from the HC.

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