Renewable Energy Share Will Increase by 18 Percent Until 2022


Mumbai: renewable energy share in India will increase to 18 % by 2022 of total power generation capacity, it’s 7.8 % now. A report said that there is continuous importance on increasing solar and wind power capacity.

Report of the Global Ratings Agency Moody’s Investor Service state that India is captivating promising steps towards improving the share of renewable energy manufacture capability under the targeted role (NDC) at the national level as per its commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Vice-president and senior analyst, Moody’s Investor Service believed, “In the last two years, 60 % of India’s power generation ability is renewable energy. At the same time, the pace of coal-based power capability totalling has reduced down. He also added that big firms have declared strategies to make their actions extra energy resourceful and add extra renewable energy.

According to the agency, the part of renewable energy in total power production will increase to 18 per cent by 2022. It was 7.8 per cent by March 2018. By 2022, the share of the mineral fuel will be reduced to 50 to 55 per cent, which is 67 per cent right now, to meet the energy needs.