Renewable Energy Will Also Be Used In The Tokyo Olympic-2022


The Olympic Games will be organized in Beijing in 2022 and the International Olympic Committee decided to use green energy to save the environment. This is the first time when any Olympic is being fully based on green energy. In a meeting between the Beijing Organizing Committee and the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), which organizes the Olympic Games, stamped that the energy equipment used in the Olympics should minimize the environmental harms, so only green energy use for energy appliances. Green Energy is the best and beneficial form of renewable energy. It means – a means of energy that does not harm the environment.

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There are five ways to obtain green energy – Solar, Wind, Biomass, Geothermal and Hydropower. Zhang Xiangdong, Executive Vice-President of Beijing’s Vice-President and Olympic Organizing Committee, told that the process of buying green energy has also been started to use in the Olympics.

Earlier, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was also decided to be made with the help of renewable energy. Under this, the plans for the recycling of the items used in the Olympics will be made by the West. Similarly, the London Olympics 2012 was also used to recycle the West items in the games. Then 62% of the things were made through recycling. This time this target has been kept at 65%.

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