Small Solar Power Bank That Will Give Free Electricity to Your House for 12 Years


Singapore’s company PTE Ltd has come up with a power bank called ‘HANS’ in India, which lets you run many things in the house with light, fans and TVs conveniently. The company has also named the device ‘Free Power Generator’. The special thing is that this Power bank will be electrically charged by both solar energy and power.

According to the company, this power bank will work to provide electricity to the house for 12 years. Therefore its warranty is also 12 years old. When Power Bank is fully charged, according to different loads, it will supply power up to 300 hours at a time. After that, it can be recharged and used in the use. Especially if you are going to a party at a place where there is no electricity, then this will reduce the generator.

Starting price of the product is 9,990. The company has launched this portable power bank in two models. Power Pack 150 and Power Pack 300. Power Pack 150 is priced at just 9990, while the Power Pack 300 will be available at Rs 12,500. Both of these models can be purchased from the company’s site.

This power bank will run from TV, fan, light, all easily. The phone will also be charged. It has 2 sockets for electric output. There is a USB port, the second is the mobile USB charger. That means you have to attach an electric board to it, after which any device can run.

The company says that due to sunlight charging and power bank has a powerful solar plate, due to charging cost, one rupee will not be spent separately as well. The company is also offering a solar battery case to charge this device. With its help, it can charge only in 4 hours.