Smart Grids- changing the prospective of future electrical grid


New Infrastructure technology is introducing in our electrical energy power grid called Smart grid. This technology has combined information and technology which has many benefits for your home and your nation power transmission system. Our present Electric power grid works on century-old technology and now it’s the time to improve our electrical grid with advanced smart grid technology.

What is a smart grid? It is the shortest communication between the utility producer and its customers. Smart grid working on controlling, monitoring, and analysis of customer load demand. Smart grid system basically works on providing you essential detail of customer power load and utility and provide reliable service of an easy solution of their electric power usability. The smart grid is a digital automation technology of the modern world.

  1. By the use of smart grid technologies, we can get knowledge about when and where the blackout happens. This technology working for easy flow of electric power.
  2. It can cut your bill cost by monitoring and adjust your energy usage.
  3. The smart grid will give site fault data at computer screen directly. By the use of this technique, it saves the time and improves the efficiency of fault repair service.

Presently there are 14 pilots smart grid project in India. The Pondicherry based pilot project program working on smart meter technologies and Telangana project working on loads study of the industry. TPDDL (Tata power Delhi distribution limited) also build smart grid in Delhi.